Group Photographs

·         We use specialized lighting and photographic equipment to handle any size group.

·         The company logo, event title and date can be added to the photograph.

·         Fast turn-around on-location printing available.

Couple or Individual Portraits

·         Full or ¾ length posed portraits with studio lighting.

·         Fun close-up head and shoulder portraits while the guests are seated at their table.

·         With backgrounds: wine barrels, special set-ups, vineyard and golf course views.

·         Fast turn-around on-location printing available.

Award Photographs

·         Business recognition awards and golf awards.

·         Fast turn-around on-location printing available.

Meetings, Speakers and Overview Photographs

·         Speakers posed or candid during their presentations.

·         Ambiance shots of the rooms with our without guests.

·         Set-up shots showing overview and room detail.

Candid Photographs and Table Shots

·         Fun informal photos of small groups taken during receptions, breaks, after dinner and during scheduled activities.

·         Posed photographs of each table grouping done quickly between meal courses.

Live Action Slide Shows

·         We invented a way to photograph your guests and have the images transmitted to a large screen within seconds.  Your guests become your entertainment.  ALWAYS A HIT.

·         Great at any evening event where dancing or activities are planned.

Digital Slide Shows

·         We specialize in fun digital slide shows using the most current computer show software.  Spectacular photography and the ability to get people to interact with the camera makes our shows fun to watch and economical for entertainment.  A fun wrap-up to several days of dinners and activities.

·         Send home each guest with a DVD that plays on their home television of the show.

Head and Shoulder Photographs

·         A posed photograph from the shoulders up with specialized lighting and background.

·         Used for annual reports, newsletters, web sites and social media sites.

Golf Photography

·         We photographed Sr. PGA golf events for 15 years and corporate golf events for 30 years.

·         Foursome shots – teams posed with their clubs.

·         Individual shots – close-up with the club and ball.

·         Full swing shots taken with high speed motor-drive camera. (Does not disturb swing.)